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  • Who We Are

    Who We Are

    EDFM offers you the opportunity to support and assist the marketing campaigns of any enterprise within the specified revenue bracket while earning valuable Enterprise Development points. Your logo will also be visible and displayed on advertising material as sponsor of the campaign. This is an opportunity to support a company of strategic importance to you.

  • How We Add Value

    How We Add Value

    Enterprise Development Contributions consists of monetary and non-monetary, recoverable and non-recoverable contributions actually initiated in favour of a beneficiary by a measured entity with the specific objective of assisting or accelerating the development, sustainability and ultimate financial independence of the beneficiary. This is commonly accomplished though the expansion of a beneficiaries financial and/ or operation capacity. EDFM can assist you in gaining 45 out of your 105 BEE points, and this will make an impactful difference to your overall scoring.

    What We Do
  • A Brief Introduction to EDFM

    A Brief Introduction to EDFM

    “Enterprise Development is a necessity – not only by law but also because it is the future prosperity and stability of our country. However many businesses see it as a grudge spend, almost like a tax. We strongly believe that this is the wrong approach – properly applied, it can be a direct benefit to the sponsor as well as the beneficiary. Hence EDFM – our clients are helping themselves by helping others.” – Peter Dawe (Co-founder of EDFM)

What We Do

Strategic, Impactful marketing campaigns for Sponsor and Beneficiary

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Enterprise Development Strategy alignment

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Monitoring and evaluation of Marketing Campaign

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Beneficiary sourcing, full recognition of ED and SED strategic alignment

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